Topic: Basketball competitive and social at YMCA Onehunga


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Hi all

I've been running teams in YMCA Onehunga basketball mixed league (3 boys 2 girls on court) for over a year now.
We have a competitive team that will play on Tues 7th May 2013 - 9th July (10 weeks), and a social team that will play on Thurs 9th May 2013 - 11th July (10 weeks).
We have built up a core of players for each team and now looking to fill in a few spots.

Team name is The Swarm, currently we're first spot in comp, lower end in social. What we care about the most is team play and having fun.

If there are any boys and girls out there keen to play, hit me up as I'm filling in the blanks before upcoming season 2 in May.
Just send me a PM or email on with your experience, skill level and which league you'd be interested in playing and I'll get back to you.

Open spots:
- competitive (1 guy, 1 girl) preferably guards
- social (2 guys, 1 girl) preferably forwards or centers


Posted: April 04, 2013, 02:52:57 pm


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Hey how was the game? I am sure you people must have enjoyed it a lot and had really great time playing.

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