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I play on the tf2 trading server a lot, and a lot of the time no one is there to have authority over anyone, people go mic-spamming music, moaning because there arn't enough medics, when     people are trying to trade, and angry people who tell traders to shut up, and i have to say, buddy, its a trade server he has all rights to do so...

Sometimes they do listen, sometimes they don't. So instead of me being an admin (There are enough of them), I wanted to apply for moderator, just so i can keep things clean on the server, I am happy to get training and learn commands, know when I have to kick people, and things like that.


yours sincerely

Scott Henderson

Posted: July 28, 2013, 01:52:25 pm

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Heya Scott,

Thanks for taking an active interest in wanting to help out and clean up the servers, and someone can correct me if I am wrong, but what you are requesting/asking for is just to be an admin pretty much. I would suggest you just fill in the admin application template (and can put it in this post) and get people that you know are active within the GetSome community to put in a good word for you and go from there.

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Were is the admin application page? everywhere I looked is just more fourms. Can you link the page?, sorry I'm being a bit noob here :/, but thanks tho

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