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This post may not always be up to date, if there is a conflict,  the rules as posted in the TF2 forum are the authoritative ones.

These rules apply to all of GetSome TF2 servers. There may be additions to specific game modes at the bottom of the page.

If you have any issues on a server, make a post in the TF2 or bans and complaints forum.
There is also /report if you are in the server. But there may not always be a response. Overuse of the report may also see you ignored.


General Conduct
While using our servers, you are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the servers. Anything that you may be doing that is bought to the attention of an admin, may result in due action being taken.

NO Cheating, by hacking or any other means, to enable abilities or cheats that are not accessible in the standard game.

There is to be NO begging for items, no asking admins to do something to you, eg, noclip, slap, forceclass etc.

Command Spam
Game commands spamming (spamming "Medic" or "Incoming" etc). This includes intel spam (2 or more players swap intel over and over, to be annoying).

Communications Spam
NO Microphone or chat spamming. This includes players that speak for long periods of time.
Talking over someone while they are talking is also not acceptable.
Text spam is also not acceptable, you only need to say it once.
There are many terms, spam, spamming, flooding, repeating. These all fall under this rule.

Using racist, sexist or otherwise offensive comments or words in the foray in any context towards any person. This includes excessive profanity, and over use of the word racist.

No pornographic or offensive sprays
Pornographic sprays or any other material that people may find offensive.

Abusing or harassing players or administrators, this includes disagreement. Admins have a right to deal with the issue if it becomes a problem. If you have an issue, post on the group or website forums.

Going away from your keyboard for an excessive amount of time without dropping out of the game (idle). Most of our servers run an AFK kicker, which may trigger.

Admin Impersonation/Harrasment
Impersonating any admin or implying that you can get people banned/kicked/etc without due cause. Harrasing an admin is also prohibited. You are allowed to talk to and with them, but being annoying gets you nowhere, you may be kicked.

NO Links of any form in global or team chat, this applies to advertising other servers and websites. "oops" is not an excuse. If you have been warned before, and do it again, you may be kicked/banned with no warnings. 

Ghosting/LANing/Screening by having someone who is dead telling a person who is alive where everyone is on the map. This gives that person a huge unfair advantage and will not be tolerated.

Silly faces aka lenny
These faces, usually binds, are now a kick/bannable offence. They are being overused and spammed way too much. Action is being taken to prevent this.

Your Game Name/Server Name
No face names of any kind are allowed to be used, this makes for harder trading and annoyance for admins.

No advertising trades unless you are on one of the dedicated Trade servers. To get to these, type !servers.


Trade Advertising
You are allowed to advertise, but because we have 2 trade servers linked together, we like some control on it.
Advertise on text chat once every 30 seconds at least.
Advertise on voice chat once every 2 minutes.
Failure to follow this rule may result in action.

Mini Games
From time to time, admins and regulars like to host some minigames on the trade servers. Sometimes they give out prizes.
If you are on the server at the time, you may be or have the chance to participate. If you do not wish to, that does not give you the right to go around killing and ruining the minigames for those that are. You may be asked to stop, move to another server, or possibly kicked from the server.

Spycrabbing is at your own risk, but we like to set some basic boundaries.
You run, and the other user complains, you may be banned.
Don't spycrab if you don't know what you are doing. 
You are advised to use a middleman (trusted regular or admin) for anything over 1 ref.

Scamming will not be tolerated on this server, however sharking is up to the players to protect themselves.
please make sure you understand and know what you are trading before trading with someone.
We cannot do anything in relation to a trade offer. If you accept it, it's not our problem. However we would like to know about these people, so we can keep an eye on them if they return in the future. 

There are to be no raffles, no advertising of them or any form of links to private pages etc regarding them. Please see head admins if you must do one. 
GetSome admins may do raffles from time to time using the system.     

Spy Teleports
No reverse teleports. This means trying to teleport an enemy spy into your base. This is not allowed.

Weapon Spam
Weapon spam is not advised. For example:
Panning is where you have equipped the item PAN, and are going around panning everything and everyone.
This is not tolerated.


AFK Hale
No pretending to be AFK as Hale. For example, you stay at your spawn and wait until other people come to you. They get some damage onto you and you end up killing them. Failure to do so may see you kicked from the server. 

Camping / Delaying of the round.
It is not advised to be camping in a particular area/spot where hale cannot reach or find you. This is delaying the round. If you are the last one alive, you are expected to be fighting, not hiding.

We like you to be friends with other players, but we do not like it when the last few players are not killing or attempting to kill hale, instead are just mucking around and delaying the round. Round timers are put in place to speed up rounds.

Trade Advertising
No trade requests to be sent while in game, attempted sabotage is NOT advised. Trading should be done in our trade servers, however if you must do it, trade only when both players are dead. DO NOT SPAM YOUR TRADE ADVERT ON VOICE OR TEXT CHAT!
Basic trade rules apply.


It is not advised to be AFK on the MvM servers, as they have limited player slots, others might want to come on and actually play. If you are seen to be AFK for an excessive amount of time, you may be kicked.

Trading is not allowed on these servers, as it is delaying the round, and not helpful to other players who may need your help. If you need to quick trade for pass over items, then that is fine.

General Nuisance
We do not like players being on a server and not playing the game. It takes up a slot for someone that wants to play. So just play!

These rules apply to all GetSome TF2 servers.
If you are found to be breaking any one of these rules, action may be taken. If for some reason you are breaking the rules and nothing is done about, just be aware that admins may still be watching.
Admins can slap/slay/kick/ban whenever they see fit. They do not always need a reason for doing so. Usually there is a reason for doing it, so there would be no need to justify.
GetSome bans are across all our servers. If you wish to appeal a ban, you will find the server bans and complaints forum on the main forums tab of the GetSome website.
If players/users of GetSome servers undermine or question admin actions, don't be surprised if an admin mutes/gags/kicks/bans you.
These rules may be adjusted where required.
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