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Title: Server Suggestion
Post by: Nexoit on September 16, 2014, 07:33:42 pm
Thinking it'd be a good idea to open 1-2 Arma 3 servers and see how they go, specifically Altis Life and Wasteland.

I also think that opening a few more Gmod servers wouldn't be a bad idea? I haven't been on personally but looking at the numbers on TTT it seems to be doing well.
Maybe explore Murder, DarkRP? Some other mods? I don't play Gmod all that often so i cannot suggest to much.

Obviously to get these servers running well you need a fairly solid backing, people who are willing to jump on and play even if there aren't all that many players online at the time. Nobody wants to join a server with 0 players on it so you can't just expect regulars when its stuck at 0 players all the time.

Gmod i feel wouldn't have this problem because there is already from what i can see a solid amount of people on the forums who contribute to the Gmod section and probably wouldn't mind playing the other game modes a bit, as for Arma 3 i'm unsure. It could just fill up itself after a little push. Most people who play Arma 2 or Arma 3 find a server and then stick to it so getting regulars isn't a really annoying task.
Title: Re: Server Suggestion
Post by: Kayne on September 16, 2014, 11:10:45 pm
While it's a nice suggestion, Adding to the garrys mod servers definitely needn't happen any time soon :)

We're the most active nz / aus server daily at the moment, but being the only 100 player slot server, we're striving for more. 30 just feels too little, especially to start another server.

Also I'd set fire to the vodafone servers (I know where they are) if GetSome didn't put up the sandbox server of GMOD before Murder or DarkRP
Title: Re: Server Suggestion
Post by: Gutty on September 16, 2014, 11:51:02 pm
Better move the server house !

Kayne hows it been since that community moved in?

Also has gmod ever hit 50?
Title: Re: Server Suggestion
Post by: Quantum on September 17, 2014, 01:18:12 am
Like `Kayne mentioned Get Someís TTT server is one of the top trouble in terrorist town servers based on popularity and rankings. That being said it's a volatile world the 100 player slot is just to exploit Garry's mods useless server browsing algorithm so it's easier to find.

Whatever happened to Sky Net? Last time I checked we peaked at 52 a pretty significant feat for 1 Garry's Mod server considering the TTT game mode doesn't really support more than 32 while most servers like to sit under 20 and a majority of the maps only have 25 or so spawn points but that's bypassed using some magic trickery.

`Kayne and I discussed expanding out to potentially more game modes but there are so many we just haven't picked out the ones we could make better and start a server for.

That being said `Kayne is a diehard sandbox fan so no doubt he will hate me if I don't get on to setting one up.

We also noted Get Some is lacking Zombies! But I would have thought Left 4 Dead 3 would solve that but I haven't heard any more since the initial image leaks if they were real... Arma 3 Servers seem like they would need someone dedicated to it I do like that Artis life role-play type thing kind of like a giant version of cops and robbers but the map would be ridiculous if it wasn't populated. Garry's mod has allot of zombie game modes even a Dayz spin off called GmodZ and other zombie role play types.

`Kayne and I did see potential in a Garry's Mod Zombie game mode where it's like a team base co-op game with 8 or 16 players the objective is to build the map using sandbox tools then when ready the game continuously spawns Zombie AI that use path-finding to break down your fortress and eat you.

Another very popular Gmod Zombie survival game mode is Zombie Survival were 3 people spawn as zombies and infect other players that then become zombies until everyone is a zombie. Players can barricade up rooms to defend the against the hordes. But from my past experience in the game mode it's very unbalanced if the players all bunch up and build barriers that are near impossible to tear down paired with the fact that your only attack is to scratch against 50 players with m16's it's not exactly fun when that happens.

However TTT still has a few more things to sort out one being Source bans you TF2 guys don't realise how luck you are with your fancy modules that set up in seconds.... Garry's mod updates can completely change everything it also broke Source mod ages ago so we have to rely on 3rd party SQL modules just to connect to the damn database it's self because there's not even an official SQL module nor socketing module. It can be done but there are additional features I want to incorporate so the gmod admins can manage bans more easily. That's kind of top priority for gmod at the moment as it would be extremely useful provided itís reliable until I finish programming that, hopefully before school holidays I heard for some it's in a week or is for the Aussie's.
Title: Re: Server Suggestion
Post by: DarkVirus on September 17, 2014, 08:57:06 am
add /forums/ to your skynet link and it will work.

Zombie survival sounds like ZPS (, had a good community for a while till people started e-drama.

If you want to add any more servers guys talk to me first, i need to do the stats and see whats working, whats not, and which server is least loaded to host it.

Im pretty keen for an Arma3 server, just really wanted to know the best gamemode, ie: wasteland etc.