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Title: Chewbacca
Post by: Cthulhu on September 05, 2017, 06:24:00 pm
Greetings, I have been thinking about posting on this topic for a while now.
I used to enjoy playing on Getsome servers, now its seems like a mixed opinion for the most part.
Over the course of Chewbacca's Adminship it seems that he has been abusing his power Not only in my opinion but from opinions from my peers, He always Insists that he never admin abuses But that is quite the contrary,
For Instance I was playing on the trade server attempting to sell my items with a friend when chewy flew through the spawn in god mode, of course this is no big deal, me My friend Hazz and my friend applecore started to shoot chewy as a joke when he abruptly deleted our player entities resulting in our game to crash. I have also seen this manner of abuse to other players not only myself when my friend Coral (Bry Bry) was playing on the server and was dominating chewy in game he said something to chewy as a joke upon dominating him and chewy started yelling at him threatening to ban him daring him to talk more onto the subject.
 He also tends to shrink is playermodel very tiny so he has an advantage over other players and jumps around as a soldier or demoman hitting, damaging and or killing other players.
Sometimes he can even be seen on server flying around with guaranteed crits and then drops himself behind someone and kills them because he isn't "noclipped" anymore.

This one isn't as bad but I went on a server recently to idle while I watched some youtube videos. I was kicked from the server for no reason. when I inquired into the matter he said they were having a private conversation, one in which they could have on steam rather the server.

Thank you for reading my complaint.
I hope the admin will receive warning or even stripped of his power as this isn't the first time he has done this.
Title: Re: Chewbacca
Post by: Kwl_kiwi on September 05, 2017, 07:34:24 pm
I see what you mean here as it does happen rarely, Chewy has been suspended until a further remaining date as it is. As Admins, powers are allowed to be used part as our role in helping out around the server. I am aware of how you feel, he is a good admin, puts a lot of time into the TF2 servers and knows what he is doing, we as admins are aloud to use our powers and sometimes we may abuse by accident though it does not happen often and there will always be an apology with that. I am sure this will be talked about in further time, Kiwi.
Title: Re: Chewbacca
Post by: Gutty on September 05, 2017, 08:05:31 pm
Thanks for your letter of concern regarding one of our admins.

Chewie has been placed into suspension due to many actions and reactions.