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Title: Experimental (free store)
Post by: Gutty on November 18, 2014, 12:31:38 am

GetSome have a Rust Experimental server for your use.
Check out the Servers tab for server IP info.

Running Oxide2, and the plugins below.

Decay is set to 10%.

Experimental is always updating. You build stuff, it may not be there when the next update is out.
It is just about updated every day.
Post by: Gutty on December 31, 2014, 11:47:57 am

/balance - check your balance
/transfer <name> <money> - transfer [money] to [name] player
/balance <name> - check [name] player balance *
/deposit <name> <money> - deposit [money] to [name] player *
/withdraw <name> <money> - withdraw [money] from [name] player *
/setmoney <name> <money> - set [money] balance for [name] player *


/sell <item> -- Shows the sales price
/sell <item> <amount> -- Sell item
/buy <item> -- Shows the purchase price
/buy <item> <amount> -- Buy item
/bsl [<page>] -- Shows a list of the prices of a specific page

Items available:
Code: [Select]
      "Tool Cupboard"
      "Salvaged Axe"
      "Bucket Helmet"
      "Window Bars"
      "Railing Plan"
      "Urban Boots"
      "Can of Beans"
      "Pistol Bullet"
      "Black Raspberries"
      "Burned Human Meat"
      "Cooked Wolf Meat"
      "Wooden Door Plan"
      "Building Plan"
      "Wall Plan"
      "Burned Wolf Meat"
      "Snow Jacket - Red"
      "Anti-Radiation Pills"
      "Tuna Can"
      "Burlap Shoes"
      "Hazmat Boots"
      "Red Jacket"
      "Burlap Shirt"
      "Urban Pants"
      "Small Water Bottle"
      "Bear Trap"
      "Metal - Refined"
      "Medical Syringe"
      "Hazmat Helmet"
      "Stone Hatchet"
      "Rotten Apple"
      "Wooden Spear"
      "Raw Chicken Breast"
      "Cooked Chicken"
      "Burned Chicken"
      "Spoiled Chicken"
      "Sleeping Bag"
      "Door Key"
      "Gun Powder"
      "Snow Jacket - Wood Camo"
      "Metal Chest Plate"
      "Camp Fire"
      "Floor Triangle"
      "Pick Axe"
      "Metal Facemask"
      "Window Plan"
      "Low Grade Fuel"
      "Foundation Steps"
      "Code Lock"
      "Large Medkit"
      "Stone Spear"
      "Bone Knife"
      "Bolt Action Rifle"
      "Battery - Small"
      "Wolf Skull"
      "Raw Wolf Meat"
      "Snow Jacket - Black"
      "Salvaged Icepick"
      "Hazmat Pants"
      "5.56 Rifle Cartridge"
      "Doorway Plan"
      "Hazmat Jacket"
      "Hazmat Gloves"
      "Spoiled Wolf Meat"
      "Green T-Shirt"
      "Human Skull"
      "Salvaged Hammer"
      "Waterpipe Shotgun"
      "Eoka Pistol"
      "Burlap Trousers"
      "Leather Gloves"
      "Spoiled Human Meat"
      "Large Wood Box"
      "Wood Storage Box"
      "Foundation Triangle"
      "Granola Bar"
      "Raw Human Meat"
      "Wooden Arrow"
      "Shotgun Cartridge"
      "Chocolate Bar"
      "Bear Meat"
      "Metal Fragments"
      "Animal Fat"
      "Sulfur Ore"
      "Can of Tuna"
      "Bone Fragments"
      "Floor Plan"
      "Empty Can Of Beans"
      "Metal Ore"
      "Cooked Human Meat"


- /kit => see the full list of available kits for you
- /kit KITNAME => choose a kit


This plugin will automatically set owners of houses when someone builds a house part.

/changeowner PLAYER => will change the owner of the building where you are.


/remove all optional:TIME => will remove an entire building with all it's deployables
/remove optional:TIME => this will work if you choose RemoveForPlayers and download the Building Owners plugin. This last plugin is no longer required for remove to work if you want the remove for tool cupboard users.


Auto switch on & off lanterns when players enter a tool cupboard radius.

Supports multiple tool cupboard zones

/lanterns_on => switch all lanterns on
/lanterns_off => switch all lanterns off
commands don't over ride the plugin, meaning that if you switch all lanterns to on, but a player leaves a zone, all the lanterns of the zone will switch off.

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