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As we like to see applications being made for admin, and we appreciate your keenness to help out. However, we are very selective in this process.

All admins need to have a basic understanding of English, be able to communicate with all other admins and be of an age, to accept abusive issues. We like to recommend 16+.

It is recommended that your country of origin is in the Oceania region. eg. New Zealand, Australia, Islands... However there may be some exceptions. GetSome is based in New Zealand, so preference goes to NZ based applications first.

GetSome have various amounts of game servers, some admins are expected to cover other game servers when required, and not just the ones they might be a regular in.
In our ARK cluster, you may be required to go into one of the other maps to deal with an issue. You must be accepting of this requirement.

If for some reason you do get picked. You must be confident with your ability to carry out any task given to you. We use a various array of systems and programs to get the job done. So we assume you know how to install something or do a simple task.

If you have been directed by an admin to apply, please note your referrer at the top of your application.
If you are applying for a game specific admin role, you need to state the game at the top of your application also.

If you must apply, please use the following requested credentials. If you do apply, please allow time for your application to be processed, as this does not happen within 24 hours.
After you have submitted your application, please let an admin know by tagging @gameserver Admin in our help channel on our discord server. ** Do not paste a link to it **
As we process your application, you may be requested to join admins in discord for a general discussion.

When you do apply, please put ARK in the topic heading beside your name.

It's all about you!

Note: Use the following subject in your application: ARK ADMIN APPLICATION: <nickname>

Name/Alias: <Yourname and/or nickname.>
SteamID: <Your steamid, if you are unsure where to find this use,>
Age: <Your real age, if you lie you get kicked out without reason.>
Country & Region: <Where do you live?>
Steam Uptime: <How long have you been a member on steam for?>
ARK Uptime: <How long have you been playing ARK for? (approximate).>
GetSome Uptime: <How long have you been playing on GetSome ARK servers for?>
General Uptime: <How often do you play ARK? (how many hours per day/week/month).>
How long have you used a PC for: <Approximately how long have you been a PC user?>
Popular Server(s): <What server(s) do you regular the most?>
Past Admin experiences: <Have you been an admin of other servers before? list them all, not just one.>
Communities: <What communities do you regular? Do you play an important role there? List all roles.>
Other games: <Do you currently monitor or admin any other games?>
Why Admin?: <Give a short description of what you can do to help GetSome.>
Anything else?: <Do you have anything extra to add? what else do you do? hobbies, sports, programming, graphics?>

Reasons why you may be declined:
  • If you are a reported scammer/VAC banned.
  • Another ARK admin has an issue with you.
  • Been kicked or banned before.
  • Change your name too often or to an offensive name that puts down others.
  • Not listening to warnings from other admins. This includes not listening all together.
  • A complaint from another server/game within the GetSome organisation.
  • A complaint from an outside source.
  • Being persistent and/or annoying.
  • You are from a region outside the preferred regions.
  • You could not answer all the questions.
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