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Name & alias:

Steam Public Profile Link:


Email address:
Shadowcorp888 @

Location: - (Only Applications From NZ/AUS)
Wellington/New Zealand

Have you had any experience with being an admin of this game?
I have owned a few servers, However have not ever admin'd on another players server.
I can manage players and create fair agreements between players to sort out situation

Have you any experience with being an admin of other games?
Minecraft when I was 8. (Jokes aside I have only admin'd as an owner of my own gmod server)

Time played on game:
865 hrs on record

Time played on our servers: (Use U-time, displayed on in game HUD)
1w 1d 09 hours

What qualities/skills you feel that you have and what can you do to help further improve GetSome:
I can program in lua and help develop server addons. I can manage forums (Check in every day/every other day),
I have built a few servers before (Dark Rp) and can fill out admin reports without issue, I also have relations with otehr players on the server and can pull in a large playerbase.

What are your strengths:
Programing, Sorting out issues, being fair and non-bias. Having a good laugh. I can manage people, I have my chief scout award along with 3 years of voluntary community service helping younger audiences. I am working towards silver Duke of Edingbourgh award.

What are your weaknesses:
3000+ gmod addons so 20 min boot time.
somedays I may not be able to get on server vs others when I can play for 3+ hours.
I like to play other games besides gmod.

What is it that in your mind would make a great admin and why:
1. Manage People Effectively
2. Keep the game fun for everybody
3. Help out new players
4. I am enthusastic as the next person to revive getsome.

Other information:
Taken ;)

Posted: September 05, 2017, 08:35:15 pm

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Wrong area boi. Post your admin application here:

Reply #1 Posted: September 05, 2017, 10:08:21 pm
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