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The following rules apply when playing on the GetSome Trouble In Terrorist Town Server.

The Basics:
-Donít mic / chat spam.
-Admins word is final.
-Report RDM using !report.
-Donít exploit / glitch the game and / or map.
-Donít be abusive towards other players or GetSome admins.
-Donít Metagame (Communicate with players outside of the game).
-Donít attempt to use cheats. If caught, the anti cheat will permanently ban you.
-If multiple people find your use of Mic to be annoying, please consider their feelings.

(RDM) Random Death Match Ė This is when players randomly start killing each other for no reason. Too
much RDM will lower your karma and points and will result in a ban.

(KOS) Kill On Sight Ė If you see a traitor kill an innocent or detective, you can call KOS. That means: players
are allowed to kill them when they see the traitor. Make sure you ID the bodies first to confirm that the traitor
had killed the innocent or detective. Randomly calling out false KOSís may result in your microphone / chat being
temporarily disabled by GetSome admins or you may be banned for repeat offences.

(Metagaming / Ghosting) Ė This is when you talk to people or your friends outside of the games chat and voice chat.
Example: talking to your friends that are on the server and telling each other who the traitors are. You will be given
only one warning when you have been caught or suspected to be metagaming. If you continue to metagame, after the warning,
you and your friends will be permanently banned from playing, as this defeats the purpose of the game mode.

INVALID grounds to shoot someone:
-They are hurt.
-They are AFK / standing still.
-They are not responding to a live-check.
-They are stalking you / hugging you.
-They have fired a weapon, even if it nearly hit you.
-Their weapon matches the weapon used to kill someone.
-They hit you for a few HP when their prop glitched out.
-You obviously walked into their line of fire and got hit.


1.     -Only detectives can give orders. Disobeying allows the detectives to hurt (but not instakill) as a warning.
2.     -Using any map-specific traps (dynamite, gas, etc.) with the intention to hurt someone is a traitors act.
3.     -Random C4 disarming is not allowed; you have to be sure it is safe. Don't risk other innocents' lives!
4.     -Propkilling / significant hurting when alive equals shooting a person. When dead, this is bannable.
5.     -Your name should be pronounceable and typable. When asked to change your name, do so or get kicked.
6.     -Do not kill rulebreakers. Don't take the law into your own hands, only shoot in self defence.
7.     -If there is a player with a higher rank on the server, do not use any of your rank's powers.
8.     -Throwing grenades at random, in a way they may hurt people, is not allowed as innocent.
9.     -Be forgiving. People make mistakes. You can always mark them suspect when in doubt.
10.   -No glitching, exploiting, hacks or scripts and any other related ways of cheating.
11.   -No obscene sprays. Server population decides whether or not this is the case.
12.   -Don't let the time run out as a traitor. Don't waste other peoples time.
13.   -Admins' word is final. We are above the rules, as we actually wrote them.
14.   -When innocent, you can only shoot someone on truly valid grounds*.
15.   -Don't overuse the voice chat: don't mic spam, don't sing.
16.   -Only written Detective KOS's are valid for rdm reports.
17.   -No flaming / extreme swearing / discrimination.
18.   -Metagaming / ghosting is strictly not allowed (this includes private messages to revive players).
19.   -No Prop Surfing this counts as exploiting.
20.   -Do not prop surf / prop kill / prop push.
21.   -Do not call generic KOS e.g. "KOS TOWER".
22.   -Using the charged axe on rooftops is kos'able.
23.   -You cannot kill someone for not getting tested - You can only place high suspicion.
24.   -Destroying equipment such as the traitor tester is counted as high suspicion only.
25.   -Advertising using chat and or voice communication is strictly not allowed.
26.   -Posting malicious links this may result in a permanent ban from the server.
27.   -Changing your Steam name during a round may result in you being kicked by an admin and or banned.
28.   -Inappropriate names and or name stealing will result in a temporary ban if you fail to change name when asked.
29.   -Spamming admin chat is not acceptable, we can see the report you have made and will get to it when we can.
30.   -Faces aka Lenny Face, is now considered spam - any overuse of this will be a kick/bannable offence.

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