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TTT Rooftops 2016 has a variety of Easter eggs spread throughout it.

Some of the most notable ones are:
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Alien Invasion / UFO
  • Music Discs
  • Flooding

Zombie Apocalypse
Step 1:
1 person enters the elevator in the apartment building alive and presses the button inside.

Step 2:
When the elevator returns after the person is sacrificed, take the ragdoll body from the building next door and place it inside the elevator, then send it away.

Step 3:
Zombies will start spawning around the map. 2 in the rooms next to the elevator apartment, and 1 spawns in the rooftop garden in the corner of the map. The zombies here will respawn over time. Kill 10 to restart the elevator.

Step 4:
One person will enter the elevator and press the button, only the person who presses it gets tped into a black room with glowing lights.

The Orange light will spawn a Strider in the middle of the map, the blue light will stop the zombies from spawning.

Alien Invasion
The Alien Invasion Easter egg is a long one, that we are unable to complete as the round timer is far too short for it to be completed. Video Tutorial + Salvation Ending Annihilation Ending
Step 1:
About 25% of rounds a small TV remote prop spawns in front of the Television in the apartment building. Take the TV remote to the lazer in the hotel building. Zap it and take it back to the TV. A message "Greetings" will show on the TV.

Step 2:
Collect 3 Props.

The Axe from the other apartment. Have either 4 people press the button or 1 T use a T button to open it.
The Battery, from the secret office underneath the catwalk in the Twin Towers.
The Speaker from the construction site next door.

Step 4:
Put all 3 props on the table in front of the TV and the will be used up to create a button on the wall. Press the button and a UFO will appear over the city.

Step 5:
The UFO animation will go on for a minute or two before it spawns a case with the axe inside it. Take the axe and destroy the red floating orbs around the map.

Step 6:
When all the red orbs are destroyed take the axe back under the ship, there will be a light you place it in. Once it is placed inside you can then enter a beam that teleports you inside the mothership's control room.

Step 7:
When inside the control room you have two choices, salvation or annihilation.

Music Discs
There are 6 music discs spread throughout the map. Video Tutorial
  • What is love: Under the catwalk on a box.
  • Safety Dance: Top floor of the sniper tower, often referred to as the penis tower.
  • He Man: On a book shelf in a room behind the Zombie elevator.
  • Walk of the Valkyries: Under a ramp on a box in the construction building.
  • You're the best: On top of a barrel in the building with a rooftop garden.
  • Magnum Pi: Inside Tom Selleck's secret apartment it is on top of a table on the upper level.

Once all 6 Music Discs are found a bunch of newtons and teleporters are spawned. (The map also spawns poltergeists which are not on GS).

Tom Selleck's Apartment
This is a secret room that is accessed by taking the battery from the secret room in the twin towers to the 2nd elevator in the apartments building. Taking this elevator will teleport you to the apartment.

Inside the apartment is the Magnum Pi music disc, a UMP prototype and a teleporter.

If you press a keypad underneath a table in the glass house you can enable a Traitor Button. This button costs 2 credits to use and opens a Bio Weapon room. If a person presses E on the item they will go invisible for about a minute.

The apartment will start spewing gas that will kill you if you stay in there for too long.

Flooding The Map
To Flood the map you need to use 3 valves around the map.

Step 1:
Valve 1 is the most obvious it is on a large water tower on the building next to the hotel.

Step 2:
Valve 2 is in the middle of the map is pretty easy to find as its on the side of a large water tower.

Step 3:
Valve 3 is in the opposite corner of the map from the hotel, it is hidden in a small garden on the back corner of the tower.

Step 4:
Once all 3 valves have been turned the hand scanner by the hotel pool is enabled, 3 people need to press the scanner and the water will start to rise.

Step 5:
If a person zaps the axe and puts it on next to the scanner a Traitor button appears and can be used to make the water rise even higher. A traitor can make the water hurt so anyone in it will slowly die.

Minor Easter Eggs
Taking the ragdoll body into the laser. Red laser will make it into a zombie, green will make it into a medic.

To enter the 3D Skybox of the map, break a window on the new building next to the sniper tower, press E on the broken window and a blue teleporter will appear on the bottom layer of the construction building. to reach the bottom layer the map needs to be flooded.

There are likely other easter eggs in the map that we have yet to discover.
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Found how to get into the skybox :D

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Thanks to Mr. Pickles

if you take the speaker to the music player it will play music everywhere on the server

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