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Other Games / Chronicles of Elyria - MMORPG with Aging & Death
« on: May 07, 2016, 10:32:02 pm »
Hey guys,

This game looks awesome and im loving how the game mechanics work, they have a kickstarter at the moment, watch the video and check out the design journals they do.

ARK: Survival Evolved / Ark Developer Sued?
« on: March 26, 2016, 02:44:55 pm »
Interesting read, I dont think the game will be taken down as they would have to prove they used some DD resources.

Other Games / Survive The Nights
« on: July 12, 2014, 05:08:29 pm »
Looks like a good game that has just popped up on Kickstarter, follows the lines of H1Z1 and 7 Days To Die

General Chat / Guinness World Record Attempt.
« on: April 07, 2013, 05:18:17 pm »


Where: Australia

When: October 14th 2013 to November 14th

Starting Point: Karumba, Queensland

Finishing Point  Melbourne,Australia

Travel Time: Approx 450hrs ( Approx 13,000+km)

How Much Will It Cost:

*Note: SYM Australia will provide a scooter for the event, and will drop me off at starting location (Scooter Model TBC) check out SYM Australia below

GoPro Hero 3 Items

GoPro Silver Edition $479
GoPro HD3 Battery's (x2) $80
GoPro Helmet Side Mount $25
GoPro Battery Bac Pac $75
8GB Micro SD Card $20 - I will be buying a 32gb Micro
Extra Charging Base + 2x Extra Battery's (Non GoPro) $68

GPS Items

GPS Navman Device $150
GPS Logging Device $150

Total: $150


Popup Tent $229
Backpack $55

Plane Ticket

One-Way Melbourne $190
One-Way Wellington/NZ (TBC)


1TB Hard-Drive.


Guniness World Record Hi-Vis $9.82

Total So Far: $1530.82

Petrol/Oil: Approx $750?

Food: Aprrox(on budget $10-$20 a day) $500

Total - Approx

Current World Record:

The longest journey on a 50cc scooter was 12,441.29 km (7,730.66 mi) by Claudio Torresan (Italy) who travelled from Shumen, Bulgaria to Almaty, Kazakhstan between 25 May and 25 November 2010.

Countries Claudio travelled to included Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Hello GetSome!

Sorry for the long wait on an update been very busy as you will see below!

This will have to be the biggest update due to the location of the record attempt being changed to Australia from the United States.

This is due to trying to keep to a budget and because I was contacted by SYM Scoota Australia who will sponsor my event by giving me a 50cc scooter with Unlimited Servicing/Repairs when needed and even going a far as if my scooter was to break down out in the remote regions he will fly a mechanic to the nearest major city and get them to travel from there to where ever i may be!, but they expect the scooter will hold out and only need basic repairs like tyres, wiring ect.  

The scooter itself will be kitted out with a massive fuel cell that should get me about 350km without needing to fill up aswel as extra storage units to hold some of my gear for the trip also USB sockets will be attached to keep the GPS Navman and GPS Logger powered for the whole event.(Model of scooter TBC)

You will notice the maps on the first page have been updated to show a draft route that will be used for the event that will cover 13,000km of Australia and what townsI will be stopping at along the way.

To do over 13,000km in 30 days I will need to set a goal of about 500km per day it will be hard and grinding but I think I can do it, I will have support for about 2,200km of the journey from the starting point.

Accommodation wise I will be ruffing it most of the time by stopping at camping sites/trailer parks and using a tent and using power facility's to recharge recording equipment. I was told it could be about $20 to use power facility's but maybe I could work something out when I explain the journey I am doing.

So I am pretty stoked with what is going on and with October being locked in for the event I only have a few months to get ready, you may also notice on the front page how much I paid for all the Items im taking, im pretty sure fuel will properly be the biggest cost of the event.

I will be doing this for charity now and will try to raise as much funds though the website and while im traveling over Australia, im in talks with people with a possible website and a charity but has not been confirmed yet.

Most Towns I Will Stop At (30+ Legs Across Australia ( THIS IS NOT FINALIZED)

Karumba, Queensland

Cloncurry, Queensland

Longreach, Queensland

Augathella, Queensland

Bourke, New South Wales

Wilcannia, New South Wales

Peterborough, South Australia

Glendambo, South Australia

Marla, South Australia

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Tennant Creek, Northern Territory

Daly Waters, Northern Territory

Timber Creek, Northern Territory

Turkey Creek, Warmun

Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

Broome, Western Australia

Port Hedland, Western Australia

Newman, Western Australia

Meekatharra, Western Australia

Leinster, Western Australia

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Caiguna, Western Australia

Eucla, Western Australia

Ceduna, South Australia

Port Augusta, South Australia

Adelaide Australia

Melbourne Australia


This is for the longest journey made by a person on a 50cc scooter.
This record is to be attempted by an individual.
This record is measured in kilometres to the nearest 0.001 km, with the equivalent imperial measurement
also given in miles.

1. It is up to the challenger to choose the 50cc scooter most suited to setting this record.

2. The scooter may be modified however the displacement of the engine must not exceed
50 cc (3.05 cu. in.). Proof of the engines displacement must be submitted with the
claim evidence.

3. The same scooter must be used throughout the entire attempt. Repairs can be made, but
the frame must remain the same.

4. If the scooter is damaged beyond repair, video and photo evidence and an explanation
of what happened must be submitted. If a replacement scooter is then used it is at the
discretion of Guinness World Records to decide if the reason is accepted and if it is not
accepted, the claim will be rejected.

The name of the organisation, company or person(s) making the attempt must be given,
along with the date and place.

Details of how the distances have been calculated must be given before the attempt starts
so the GWR can confirm these measurements are correct.

Accurate professional equipment e.g. GPS equipment (and associated printout) must be
used and .kml files (on a disc or USB flash drive) must be sent in as part of the evidence
required. The vehicles odometer is not considered an accurate enough measurement
device to calculate the distance travelled.

Note that no distinction will be made between supported and unsupported journeys.

Breaks and stops may be made whenever desired. However, as a general rule, the
participant must not remain stationary (i.e. if he/she does not make any progress towards
his/her destination) for longer than 14 days. Any delays longer than this must have a
very good reason (e.g. injury) and must be accounted for to Guinness World Records.
Note that delays that cannot be reasonably justified may result in disqualification.

Any route may be followed, but in keeping with the spirit of this record, the journey
should follow a route between two pre-defined points and should not, for instance,
repeatedly cover the same ground or consist of an accumulation of shorter journeys made
during the course of everyday life.

The journey must be continuous, with each leg of the journey beginning at the point at
which the previous leg ended. Public transport (scheduled air, sea, or rail services) may
only be used between continents or over water. Details of these journeys must be
included with the record claim and the distances covered by this means do not count
towards the record total.


GPS printout and .kml files as requested above

Witness Book
Any attempt must take place in view of the public, wherever possible, and a book made
available for independent witnesses to sign. The book should be set up so that the following
details can be included for each potential witness:
Date & Time Location Name Signature
For solo and unsupported attempts, we appreciate that it might not be possible to gain an
unbroken line of witnesses for the attempt, but one should try to obtain as many as possible. For
an attempt, which is supported by a backup team, we would expect it to be possible to gain
sufficient numbers of independent witnesses to enable verification for the entire duration of the
attempt. Where possible, local dignitaries and police should be sought to sign the book.

Log Book
This book should give an adequate description of the event and full details of the participant(s)
daily/overall performance.
It must be clear from the book the exact start and finish points of each leg of the attempt, the
exact start and finish times and calculation of daily and total distances traveled.
All rest breaks or stoppages for whatever reason must also be fully detailed in the log.

Failure to include the required documentation

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