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Hello Getsome staff.  I'm here because I believe I've been banned for unjust reason.  Out of respect for some of the people involved, I won't go into exact detail as to what happened to who, but I will cover my actions to the best of my capabilities.

To start off with, you may not know me by my current profile, but I have been a regular on Getsome for a long period of time, I've gone by the names of FighterPilot and Matt and have enjoyed the servers immensely over the time I've played on them and gotten to know the others who occupy the servers on a frequent basis.  I would like to emphasise that I have never deliberately attacked or harrassed anyone maliciously with the exception of playful fighting and arguing with people who would duel me.

I was banned from your servers (this has been clarified by another admin, which I unfortunately did not save the conversation of) because of an incident that occurred outside your servers.  To clarify, this was an incident on a private discord server between me and someone who I have known for a very long period of time.  Like I said, I don't want to publicly name who this was, or what happened as my intention is not to humiliate, attack or upset.  On that note, if any admins reading this do insist on further detail, I would like to request that they add me on Steam for further explanation.
What I can say was that this person, who I have been incredibly supportive of and have tried countless times to help and comfort, had continued to make bad decisions (knowingly,) something which has happened for months.  In retrospect, it probably would have been best had I just removed them instead of what I did, which was become frustrated and give them my opinion on their entire situation.  I do care about this person though, so I didn't want to just abandon them, I did get a bit desperate in how I behaved as a result.  To clarify, I did not do this with the intention of being malicious, I was calling someone out and making remarks on their poor decisions and actions because I was hoping to have a discussion, or at least make some effort to say something they would listen to.

This discord incident was what led to my ban.  While I put emphasis on my actions not being malicious, I would also like to note that this was an isolated incident on a server that is not related to Getsome.  This was a single incident, meaning this wasn't a constant or repeating occurrence, this was not in any way harrassment or bullying.  As a result of this discord incident though, I was banned from Getsome, the reason being "Don't let this guy back in".  This ban was administered by Gutty, and while I appreciate his desire to protect this person and understand that his heart is in the right place, I disagree with his actions and believe them to be unjustified.
I have no interest in communicating with the person that I became upset with on that discord server, and I have always been an obedient and well-behaved person on the servers.  I have since talked to them (they are also an admin on your servers) and they directly told me that this discord incident is the only reason I got banned.  I would appreciate if everything I've said is considered, as I broke no rules on Getsome, I've only had one incident with this person and do not intend on having another, which does not meet the criteria for harrassment, and I have a generally good reputation on the servers, if not a neutral reputation.

I appreciate your time and consideration for this, and if my appeal is denied, I would appreciate insight and detail into what rules I've broken and what makes me ineligible for an unban.

I appreciate the help from one of the regulars, known as Horizon, for his assistance in creating my appeal.  I believe he deserves recognition for that assistance, if even it's not of significant relevance.  It is noteworthy that he has also seen what happened on that discord server and he supports my opinions on this matter

Posted: December 16, 2017, 02:32:30 pm

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I'll discuss with Gutty and the other senior admins.

Reply #1 Posted: December 16, 2017, 10:10:05 pm

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1. You posted in the wrong section
2. You have not posted the correct information - makes it harder to find your ban.

In this instance we will unban you with a few conditions put against you.

You are unbanned (or will be shortly) with a 6 month silence placed against you. This is because of a previous ban, mutes/gags against you and to let any situation between yourself and the other admin to cool down.

At the end of the day as per the rules that we have we can ban for any reason we see fit, this includes things that can happen outside the server.

Reply #2 Posted: December 16, 2017, 11:34:13 pm